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How to find the perfect car rental?

Renting a car for trip can give you freedom of movement while you are traveling. You can easily find luxury car rentals all across the globe but you might do some research before you make your decision. As renting a car is a complex situation and can push you in a problem if you are unable to handle the car carefully. You will be needing to thoroughly study the insurance policy of luxury car rentals in your rental agreement to avoid any further problems during renting.

How to select the vehicle?

You must think twice before you select a rental car. In case you are traveling along with your family and have loads of luggage, you will be needing a SUV or a large sedan. If you are not comfortable with manual gears so, consider only automatic transmission so you can enjoy your drive. Although it is difficult to find manual transmission cars in most of the countries, so you must inform your rental if you need one. If you want to minimize your travel expenditures, go for smaller cars which are more efficient.

Here are some factors which you must keep in mind while selecting luxury car rentals:

  • Define your travel schedule to the rental company and tell them for how long you will be needing the car. The most popular car rental companies you can find are Hertz, Alamo, Budget, Avis or National. If you are planning to rent a car for more than a week, you must consider local companies to save money. Remember not to follow local rentals for local movements as they do not give you extra services such as insurance and breakdown services.
  • You can search over the internet for the best rental company. Major booking sites such as Kayak and Travel Velocity can prove helpful for you. Check for discounted deals before you select a plan for rental. There are some ways by which you can negotiate with your car rental by telling them about your plan and requirements.
  • The rates displayed by luxury car rental companies on displays include local taxes, insurance, airport surcharges, drop off bills and fuel charges. You can end up with loads of extra charges so ask the rental company in advance and finalize your deal before you get your hands on their car.
  • Mostly the advertised rates are valid for one season only so there may be plenty of cars available at rent. The rate would be of the rental car which might not suit your budget so make proper research before you select your car.
  • Define your pick up and drop off time in advance to the rental company. Follow the mentioned time schedule to avoid any further problems.